How To Make Apple Pan Dowdy ~ Classic Desserts

The Vintage Cook makes an easy classic and sweet dessert that goes great with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Apple Pan Dowdy

2 1/2 cups light brown sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup chopped pecans
2 9-inch pastry pie shells
8-10 Granny Smith apples

Mix 1/2 cup of the sugar with the butter and 1/2 cup of the pecans. Spread in the bottom of 10-inch baking dish. Let the dough thaw a little. Tear one shell into pieces and place over the mixture in pan. Arrange alternate layers of apples, sugar and pecans. Place other pie shell on top of apple mound. Press. Prick well with fork. Bake at 350 for one hour or until golden on top. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before serving. May add cinnamon or other spices to your taste.

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Sweet Potato & Apple-Spiced Oatmeal with Goldens & Pecans

The natural sugar of the sweet potato adds enough sugar to eliminate added sweeteners! Banana also gives oatmeal a natural sweetness. Give it a try. Oatmeal is the best choice for breakfast. I LOVE Quaker Old Fashioned Oats! It’s a staple in my pantry.

Sweet Potato & Apple-Spiced Oatmeal

2 cups water
1 cup old-fashioned whole oats
1/2 cup golden raisins
1 large sweet potato, baked
1 tsp. apple pie spice
1 delicious apple (sweet-golden or red)
1/4 cup chopped pecans, lightly toasted

Bring water to a boil and stir in oats. Reduce heat to medium-low. Add raisins. Stir. Cook for 2 minutes.

Scrape inside of sweet potato into a food processor. Pulse until smooth. Stir into the oatmeal. Top with apples and pecans. 2 servings.

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Contests and Wins

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes-Grand Prize

This was truly incredible. The prize was an all-inclusive trip for two, at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. I had never been to Aspen before. The only word I can think of to describe it, is “Picturesque”. The weather was perfect. The Classic was held ON our 10-year anniversary. It was so special to both of us to have some alone time! My husband used to sell wine and that is how he paid his way through college. So this was a gift of a lifetime to share with him. Our suite was rustic yet elegant. The food and drink at the Classic were outstanding, but we also visited a few great restaurants. I met the Muir Glen representatives, and also the editor of Food & Wine Magazine. Oh and did I mention Tom Colicchio and Iron Chef Morimoto?

Fire Roasted Tomato-Basil Crab Bisque
Link to Announcement:

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Just for Kids

You Are My Sweet Potato~Sunshine Smoothie


When my little girls get home from school, their favorite afternoon snack is a smoothie. It’s a healthy treat that holds them over until dinner time.

I purchased a high powered blender last year and have been amazed at the delicious AND healthy blends I’ve been able to create. My favorite is sweet potato and orange. If you don’t have a juicer-blender, you can use a juice extractor, or fine grate your sweet potato before using your regular blender. I’m guessing you could even use a food processor! This is a simple raw recipe that is sure to bring a smile to your little sunshine’s face.

You Are My Sweet Potato~Sunshine Smoothie

1 raw sweet potato, peeled and diced

1 3/4 cups pasteurized orange juice (not from concentrate)

1 3/4 cups vanilla frozen yogurt

Can light whipped cream

Rainbow sprinkles

Maraschino Cherries, patted dry

Blend sweet potato and orange juice until smooth. Add yogurt. Pour into cups and top with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry. Makes about 4 kid sized smoothies. *note: If using extracted juice, increase to 2 sweet potatoes.


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