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    Basic White Bread - The Vintage Cook

    Winter approaches. We are ready to snuggle in for a long winters nap. Bread is baking and the sweet smell fills my kitchen. This is Fall, my favorite season. I love Spring too. In the Fall though, time Falls back and gives us a minute to reflect and be thankful. Ahh, the fragrance of bread baking!

    A few years ago I got rid of my old bread machine. I only ever used it to proof cinnamon roll dough. (probably because I didn’t have the instruction booklet!) It’s one of those appliances people get rid of.  So there I was, at a Thrift store, minding my own business, AND there it was, brand new in the original box, NEVER OPENED, and yes, I had to have it. Oh my Gosh, the price tag was an astounding $12.99. It’s a Kitchen Pro that originally sold at Kohl’s for $119.00.

    For some reason I’ve thought of a bread machine as a way to cheat a traditional bread making process. But I’ve corrected the error of my thinking and now am embracing THE BREAD MACHINE. Automatic bread-making machines first made their debut in the mid 1980’s so they’re certainly a vintage means of baking.  I recommend if you find a used one, that you find the original instruction book that comes with it. A brand new one is not that expensive, so put it on your Santa list this year!

    I’ll  make a few recipes from the booklet that came in the box, just to get used to the new buttons. Then, I’ll move on to some vintage baking books and transform those recipes into bread machine recipes. You’ll notice right off this first recipe has a much lower sugar amount than you’ll find on other blog recipes for white sandwich bread. The first two recipes I made were basically the same, except one was made with Bread Machine Fast Acting Yeast/Quick Rise and the other is made with regular Active Dry Yeast. Both loaves turned out well, but the recipe with fast yeast had a more yeasty taste, which I don’t favor for this type of basic bread. So my YEAST of CHOICE is…. Red Star Active Dry Yeast.

    I like to buy it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. My bread machine has features to select which type of yeast you are using, so this method does take a little bit more time in the machine but it’s worth allowing a whole process. After all, we are using a bread machine here, let it do the work while we lay back and chat!

    When you bake bread from start to finish in the bread maker, you will have a small hole in the bottom of the bread.

    You’ll also want to pull your bread out as soon as it’s done baking to cool.



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