Pigs in a Blanket with Puff Pastry

Pigs in a Blanket Recipe - The Vintage Cook

An appetizer that doesn’t require dipping because the creamy flavorful dip is on the inside! These FANCY type pigs in a blanket are wrapped in puff pastry as opposed to the usual canned dough.

So what is The Junior League? To put it simply, it’s a women’s volunteer organization that has been around since 1901. There are various chapters in every state and local groups within each area. The Junior League are known for their compassion and commitment to community service. They also deserve some accolades for their publication of high quality cookbooks with lots of family recipes. I love them!

It was a mission of mine to have a JL cookbook from every SINGLE state. It’s like, Stamp Collecting, so fun!

Click on the book if you’d like to buy it!

Today’s feature is “Meet Us In The Kitchen” from The Junior League of St. Louis (Missouri). It’s a beautiful and barely vintage cookbook (2000) with some wonderful looking recipes. Pastel artwork on the cover is from a local artist.

I made the very first recipe in the book. It’s a gourmet version of an old favorite. The author of the recipe tells a story of how in the 1960’s her mother used straight pins in place of toothpicks to improvise. However, she didn’t get all the pins out before serving the piggies to her husband. Please do use toothpicks! (New Cook Note: Cooking toothpicks like wood or bamboo, not Plastic) Here is the great part, you don’t need to use toothpicks although I did stick some in after they were done baking. This is a fun party appetizer.

I hope you enjoy this easy appetizer recipe as much as we did. You can put your own spin on it too with different mix-ins to the cream cheese. We used a spicy ground mustard.

Pigs in a Blanket Recipe - The Vintage Cook

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