My recipe featured on Bob’s Red Mill~ Bountiful Black Beans and a brand new creation!

    shepherds soup

    “This delicious recipe comes form Lanie Smith of The Vintage Cook. The Vintage Cook is dedicated to recipes your Grandma used to make, with a twist. I’m a little in love with her blog just for its vintage appeal, but also because it’s kind of what Bob’s Red Mill is all about- doing things the old fashioned way with a modern twist! We hope you enjoy this recipe- we think it’s fabulous!”

    What is it about black beans? They’re masculine. That’s why men love them. My husband even orders them at restaurants if he is lucky enough to see them on the menu. I’ve been making black bean soup for years, but usually from canned beans because I’m a “day of” cook. I’m not so organized that I can plan a day ahead for dinner and everyone knows you have to soak dry beans over night.

    Or do you?

    On a package of Bob’s Red Mill Black Bean Soup Mix the directions read something like “Put broth and beans in a pan and boil.” Easy enough.

    Bob’s Bountiful Black Bean Soup Mix is unique because it has a few other beans mixed in. The black-eyed peas, pearl barley and navy beans subtly enhance the flavor of the black beans.

    Black Bean Soup and Shepherd’s Pie are two of my favorite autumn comfort foods so I decided to combine them into one dish for a warm and filling dinner. There is no meat but you’d never miss it. All of the flavors from Shepherd’s Pie are presented in a bowl of black bean soup. Hearty and Delicious.

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