Cider Basted Apple Dumplings


Bessie’s Blue Ribbon Cider Basted Apple Dumplings

apple dumplings - The vintage cook

Fresh Apples are wrapped in a home-made dough, baked and then covered in a delicious apple cider syrup!


It was during the Christmas season. The year was 1977. Ron and I had been dating and he wanted to introduce me to his very special Grandparents “Pop and Mom-Mom.” He was addicted to his Grandmothers delicious cooking and recounted to me all of her specialties. His favorite were her Sour Cream Cookies.

The day finally came when I would meet The Mrs. Mom-Mom Bessie Potteiger. She had prepared a special meal for us. I already felt a warmth and familiarity before we arrived.

When the front door opened and Mom-Mom saw Ron, she had this love light in her eyes.  She put her hands on his face and then hugged him.  He was 29-years-old at the time. I was so impressed by his affection towards his Grandmother, and her to him, that she must surely be a wonderful lady.  OMG!  THAT was one of the most beautiful and emotional moments I ever saw.

The “little old lady type” did NOT describe Mom-Mom. She was up-to-date with her fashion, a sharp dresser, every hair in place, with manicured fingernails. We immediately bonded over the topic of cooking.

Mom-Mom Bessie  had such a loving and generous way about her. We spent time in the kitchen together over the years. She shared with me the process of her favorite dishes, such as Fasnachts, Apple Dumplings and even her Holiday Potato Filling. I cherish these memories. I just LOVED that lady!

She made the BEST apple dumplings. She had no measurements and just “dumped” the ingredients. These apple dumplings are the closest I could get to hers. This recipe earned a Blue Ribbon in the Just A Pinch Recipe Club.

apple dumplings - The Vintage Cook



CONTRIBUTOR: Susan is a recent Pillsbury Bake-Off Finalist and skilled Home Cook. She grew up admiring her mother in the kitchen as she prepared dinner every night. She says it was like watching her very own private cooking show. During the turn of the century, her Great-Grandfather owned a confectionary store in Bethlehem, PA. He was famous for his homemade ice cream and pastries. Susan is the Designated Guardian of his handwritten recipe book! She is also a Community Cook for Taste of Home Magazine. We are grateful to have her at The Vintage Cook to share timeless classic family recipes.
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