Seattle Gnarly Head Rippin’ Ribs Contest



      1. Beautiful, Lanie! I really love this and it makes me want to visit Seattle. Congrats to Frances and congrats to you for making it there.

        Your editing is lovely. I need to ramp it up and learn how to do this.

        1. Angela, Thanks so much. YOU are keeping Me motivated! I was thinking of you when I saw those figs. Should have brought some home to make your ice cream. I think you would really love Seattle, it’s very…real…a down to earth kind of place. πŸ˜€

      2. Congratulations to you and Frances on being part in what looks like a fantastic cook-off! I have never been to Seattle, but after watching your video, would now like to make a trip out there. Can’t wait to see more videos about you, your travels and future cook-offs – and I am betting that there will be many of those coming your way!!!

        1. Thank you Linda! I think the five cook-offs vary from region because they are held at different public venues. I was told this was the best one! πŸ™‚ I sure did enjoy the hospitality.

      3. I absolutely loved your video, Lanie! So sweet to see Renata dancing with Frances! I’m sure you had a fantastic time, and, I really do hope we get to meet at a cook off in the near future! I look forward to more of your videos!!!!

        1. Thank you Ronna! Renata’s ribs were a basket full of strawberries theme, and they really tasted wonderfully fresh and flavorful. Frances and Renata were .5 a point a part, and I placed 3rd. Looking forward to the arrival of my new grill! Thanks for stopping by, and I’m still dreaming of your mud brownies. Yum!

      4. Lanie, this is just lovely! I just visited Seattle myself for the first time at the end of June, and loved your cinematic glimpse of the city. Congrats on your first live cook-off…looks like everyone had a ball.


        1. Thank you Jen! This was actually my second cook-off, I did one in 2007. I wasn’t as nervous this time, really had a great time! I hope we will get to meet soon! Thank you for your kindness. πŸ˜€

      5. How exciting that you videoed so we could all be a part of the adventure! It looks like so much fun, and regardless of the outcome I do hope I will see you in KC when we cook-off!!! I’d love to meet πŸ™‚

        1. I was told there would be a ticket so I’m counting on being there! See you then. It’s going to be an exciting day to see who wins that spot on the National team, and $5,000!!! Thanks for visiting.

      6. Sharing a piece of this trip with your viewers was a great idea and I would like to see more. Hope that you continue to video new places and new competitions in addition to your cooking segments. All are So much fun and so creative. More…more….more… Love, Grandmoms daughter

        1. Oh Mom! I know you must have liked it, as this is the first time you’ve ever posted on my blog! Ha Ha. I love ya!

      7. Lanie I loved your video. Your editing skills are super. It was a great cook-off or rather smoke-off and I agree we all had a lot of fun in the beautiful city of Seattle. I hope to see you Lanie again in a future cook-off. In the meantime I will enjoy your Blog.

        1. Renata, your dancing skills are super. πŸ˜€ Your ribs to match! I was so delighted to see you again. I’m sure..there will be another “again”. Your strawberry sauce was like biting into a garden. I loved it. Thanks for stopping by.

      8. Hi, Lanie – thanks so much for sharing! Congrats on making the cut to get to Seattle – I am sure your ribs were delicious!! Looks like everyone was having a great time, too!!

        1. Thanks Debbie! I’m glad you could stop by and it was nice chatting. I hope we will meet spring of 2012! πŸ˜€

      9. Hi Lanie! It was nice to meet you last week. I hope we an get together again soon. Your site and videos are fantastic. Please keep me updated.Your kitchen is adorable!

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