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American Girl Chip-and-Ham Scramble

    AG Book

     Yes, that’s right, Scrambled Eggs with Potato Chips in them. Not exactly the healthiest breakfast but the girls and I sure had a blast making this recipe. We decided to use a buttered English muffin, and then added some grated cheddar and bacon. I was so surprised how a handful of classic potato chips gave scrambled eggs a little more personality.

    The kids cook books are the favorite of my collection. This one was published in the 1960’s by American Girl Magazine and The Girl Scouts.


      1. Wow, the cover of that book is so….dated! When I saw “American Girl” I thought it referred to the line of dolls that’s popular now. I’d imagine you’d have to use thick potato chips to scoop this dish up with, as the book suggests.

        1. When I first purchased the book, I thought the American Girl Magazine, could have been the launching point for the dolls we are familiar with today, but that is not the case. There must have been a trademark sell or trade somewhere along the lines, but the original “American Girl Magazine” was part of the Girl Scouts organization. Today’s American Girl Magazine is a spin-off from the original set of dolls by Pleasant Company, released in 1983 and their magazine did not come along until 1992. fun stuff! 🙂

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