More to the Upside-Down Spurtle Saga

There’s great news. I’m not the only one who uses her spurtle upside-down.

I’m not planning to change my technique, even though I know it’s wrong. Or is it? I think I just might have to make two pots of Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats, one with the spurtle right-side up, and one upside-down. What if a creamier bowl of oats evolves from using it the wrong way?

I found a 2010 article by Amy Rosen, an award-winning Food & Travel Writer who was using her spurtle upside-down.

“Why are you using the handle end to stir with?” asked my brother David.

“No dummy,” I countered, “that’s the beater end of the spurtle. It helps to break down the lumps.”

“That’s just for show,” he insisted. “It’s a decorative handle.”

After learning that her technique was wrong, she concludes.

“And the more I think about it the more I realize just how lucky I am that I didn’t participate in the Golden Spurtle this year, as planned. Could you imagine the humiliation of using an upside-down spurtle during the world porridge making competition?

They would have kicked me out of Scotland!”


Well, there you have it.

Am I still holding out hope that Bob’s Red Mill will call?

Yes. 🙂

But the question remains, would they allow me to use my spurtle upside-down in The Golden Spurtle Competition?


Link to Amy Rosen’s blog post: The Curious Case of the Upside-Down Spurtle on National Nosh.

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