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Surprise!!! Cottage Pudding is not pudding, it’s cake. We are having a ball with Brunch Week, I have to give a big thanks to our lovely hostesses Terri of Love and Confections and Susan of The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen. This Mother’s Day/Brunch get-together has been so fun. We have lots of great prizes to give away too so don’t forget to enter (just at the bottom of this post.)

THEN My first introduction to “Cottage Pudding” was by a lady named Karen. I’m pretty sure her name was Karen. She was a nice lady at the church we attended back in early 2000. She came over to our house with a delicious dinner after the birth of my third daughter, Laura. I could barely move about the house post C-section. It was Spaghetti Bake, a salad, a fruited Jello, and Cottage Pudding. I was so touched and happy by this gesture, I asked her for the recipes. She gave her recipe and I’ve used that several times over the years but it has vanished from my recipe box! Who DUN IT? So I set into reading all my old cookbooks and NONE of them were like the recipe Karen gave me. Sigh~ It seems most cottage pudding cakes have a sauce on them. Karen’s cake was cold and it lasted for a few days until I broke off that last little corner so loosely wrapped in the crumbled foil.

I would bet it was called “Pudding Cake” because the ladies would make a basic cake for their family to eat for a few days, adding different sauces, custards, or “puddings” to it along the way to give it different flavors. Just a guess!

Definition: plain cake covered with a hot sweet sauce

First Known Use of COTTAGE PUDDING circa 1854

NOW At any rate, recipes change and evolve over the years. What was once a Cottage Pudding Cake with a hot sauce, became a Cold Berry Cake with a sugary crumble on top.

Memories of things that kind people did or said, last forever. Maybe the cake wasn’t so great, I’ll never really know. It will always be delicious to me because of the heart in her delivery that day. I WILL FIND THAT RECIPE! In the meantime, enjoy my fairly close creative adaptation to what I remember, but instead I’m using part Bob’s Red Mill Hazelnut Flour. If Mom stops by tomorrow we’ll have cold cake and hot tea. 🙂 Next time I’ll fold the berries into the batter. I’m sure that’s how Karen did it.

(Note: I’m currently revising this recipe!)

Thank you Bob’s Red Mill for another wonderful package of products, you’ve been so kind to me over the years. 🙂 (P.S. I’m getting my Spurtle ready!)
Bob's Hazelnut


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