Grandmother’s Favorite Cheesecake – (Sernik Babci) A Polish recipe with a curious ingredient!

Grandmother's Polish Cheesecake


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Yes, it’s true. Mashed Potatoes.

I used the prettiest gold potatoes. Peeled clean, boiled, mashed with just a little warm milk. Chilled overnight. When it came time to strain the cheese (I used ricotta), instead of straining I put it right in my Blendtec blender with the butter and cold potatoes until silky smooth. At first I tried the food processor but it wasn’t powerful enough. I reduced the nutmeg to 1/4 teaspoon fresh grated. This recipe could serve 30 small tastes on cupcake wrappers if cut into little squares with one strawberry slice placed on top of each.

This is not “cheesecake” the way we think of it today. It’s more like an old-fashioned lemony custard on crust.

We went to the strawberry field this weekend, what a sweet finish to this unusual dessert. 🙂

“Polish cuisine has a special hospitality all it’s own. Because of the special refinement it has undergone, it is fragrant and aromatic but never overwhelming (except possibly, in quantity). It is a cuisine you can feel at home with. Even more hospitable than their food are the Poles themselves. Their traditional greeting, “Gość w Dom, Bóg w Dom” (Guest in the house: God in the house), is more than polite sentiment; it is a strict norm for the treatment of all guests.”

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