A 2nd Place Win For me in BookTrib’s Best of the West Holiday Cookie Contest is "The first and only book-o-sphere". I'm happy to be a small part of it all. So close again! I'm quite flattered though to win a…

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Dark Chocolate Covered Raisinet Cookies

Introducing my first post in Cake Box Recipes. Since so many of my old cookbooks have recipes using cake mix, I thought it would make a nice category…

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How to Make the Best Snickerdoodles

You might think a Snickerdoodle is simply a sugar cookie, dusted with cinnamon and sugar…Well not exactly. The one defining ingredient which…

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Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookiesbythevintagecook

My Best Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Let's talk about CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. Most recipes on the web, claiming to be the "BEST" are made with butter. Only, butter. I like to use…

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The Barns & Noble Cookie Bake-Off (Cookie Butter Cookies)

The Top 75 Recipes From Around The Country is out and I'm so tickled to have my recipe for Holiday Cookie Butter Cookies appear in the book.  Page…

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