American Girl Scrambled Eggs

American Girl Chip-and-Ham Scramble

 Yes, that's right, Scrambled Eggs with Potato Chips in them. Not exactly the healthiest breakfast but the girls and I sure had a blast making this…

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Bake Some Honey Challah

As I've finished shelving my boxes of books, I noticed a special little local community paperback called, "The Joy of Jewish Cooking. (1969)" So I…

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Bob’s Scottish Oat n’ Walnut Apple-Raisin Sticky Scones

Bob's Steel Cut Hands Today we kick off Brunch week! Look at all of our fantastic sponsors who are joining us for Brunch Week. Scroll to the…

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Chantilly Strawberry Roses #brunchweek

Brunch Week continues! We are whipping up some fantastic ideas for Mother's Day. Thanks again to Terri and Susan for hosting this event. Oh, and did…

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Steel Cut Oats

Gold Goddess Steel Cut Oats

Gold, Gold, Gold! Golden Delicious Apples, Ripe Pears, Yellow Bananas, Golden Raisins, Butter, Golden Maple Syrup Christine of Cook The Story who…

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Hazelnut-Blackberry Cottage Pudding #brunchweek

Surprise!!! Cottage Pudding is not pudding, it's cake. We are having a ball with Brunch Week, I have to give a big thanks to our lovely hostesses…

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Mennonite Hash

Mennonite Gold Hash and Eggs

I've always been frightened of HASH. My concept was of a greasy block from a can, something similar to dog food. I was having brunch with my friend…

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Plum Cake

Mrs. Lund’s Fresh Plum Cake

  The main ingredients: Plums and Flour When I think about "brunch", I think about girls getting together and chatting. I think about…

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Sweet Potato & Apple-Spiced Oatmeal with Goldens & Pecans

The natural sugar of the sweet potato adds enough sugar to eliminate added sweeteners! Banana also gives oatmeal a natural sweetness. Give it a try.…

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The Best Easy Homemade Scrapple Recipe Ever!

You've landed here for one of two reasons. 1) You grew up on scrapple and now live in a region that doesn't sell it. (Like Me) OR 2) Scrapple…

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